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In the modern era, we believe that Marketing and advertisement have changed our way of life but we should also observe that Marketing ways are also changed and improved. Now marketers and advertisers go for the very creative approach to get the attention of their targeted audience. Being Viral in a Good way has become essential to get your sales targets achieved. Every company tries to improve their advertisements but these 11 most popular companies of the world use the Best Advertisement Ever banners that gain the attention of millions of people.

WUEYE.COM has generated a list of our visitors to have a look at the best creative ads you have ever seen.


Best Advertisement Ever banners

Adidas choose a location where they can represent that Adidas products are the most reliable and comfortable products you can use to train for longer time.


Best Advertisements Ever

In the cold weather of winter, what could be most pleasing thing you can expect while walking outside on the road, A Warm Breeze I think. Drybar choose to market them by planting big size hair dryers on different spots to get attention.

KitKat Chocolate

Best Advertisements Ever

KitKat choose to not only run an advertisement campaign but also to fix the broken benches of the targeted area. They painted the benches in a way that it looks like their product. Who can refuse to eat KitKat after experiencing this close affection?

Kleenex® Facial Tissues Creative ad

Best Advertisements Ever

Kleenex® Brand offers the best in facial tissues, hand wipes, and bathroom hand towels. Share the softness of Kleenex® care.

The Kraken® Black Spiced Rum

Best Advertisements Ever

They use very creative ads by adding sea monsters in there banner and product labels as well. Even if you don’t drink, you will love the creativity in it.


Best Advertisements Ever

McDonald’s MacFries Pedestrian Crossing. During the biggest public festival in Switzerland, the Zurifest, McDonald’s was confronted by heavy competition even on ther core products like MacFries.

Miele Vacuum

Best Advertisements Ever

The company presented its “Monster Suction” feature of their product Miele S8 vacuum cleaner.

National Geographic

Best Advertisements Ever

Nobody denies about the thrill of doing new things by NatGeo, but this time they put their adventurous creativity in their advertisement campaign by placing a 3d Elegater right at the end of downward elevator. This must have surprised many shoppers.


Best Advertisements Ever

Buses stop here, not you. This advertisement tagline boosted the motivation of millions of runners and also helps most lazy people in becoming active.


Best Advertisements Ever

Ricola Cough Drops: Unwrap Your Voice

Steaming Folgers

Best Advertisements Ever



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