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Fashion is a part of everyone’s life these days. Today wueye.com has pointed out 11 fashion disaster which a man can do to his dressing. These are the things which any woman in the world will not like. We recommend you to please avoid these things to look more decent, meaningful and to have an active lifestyle. We have gathered this information from reading many women best fashion blogs, so here we start with:

T-Shirt with very deep neckline

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Shirts with conventional V-Neck design looks splendid on a man, but a very deep V-Neck shirt looks awful and vulgar in fact. Boys should wear elegant clothing.

Extreme Short Shorts

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Boy’s Short, which is very brief and high from the knees doesn’t seem to be attractive. In fact, more hairy legs visibility by wearing shorts get women off from you rather than attracting them. So, Please avoid wearing extra short shorts.

T-Shirts with certain messages/slogans

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T-Shirts with mean or double meaning slogans are not cool. The person wearing them looks like a billboard. You just wear new and cute t-shirts to look attractive.

Flipflops in routine

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Flipflop are meant only worn on Beaches. This rule goes for both Men & Women. They don’t look good wearing off to a beach.

Dress Vest on T-shirt is cheap act

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It is ridiculously sad that few men try to give them a different look and trying to do that, they wear a vest on a t-shirt which seems to be very cheap and bad idea to look right. Girls don’t like this type of combination in dressing.

Wearing Large Buckle/Plates Belts

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You don’t have to write your Bio on your belt. Avoid wearing a belt with an old trend definition on them. Go for decent leather belts as their duty is just to keep your pants up.

Wearing a Baggy suit is the worst disaster you are doing to yourself

Three Piece Suit is the top thing of any man’s wardrobe which they wear on official meetings and offices. They only look great on you if they are the in exact size for you. A loose fitting or baggy fit will never attract any women around you

Pink color is Ban for Boys

No Pink for men
Just avoid pink in any case. Straightforwardly boys just don’t look attractive to anybody.

Extremely Tight Jeans

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You should not like a man who has his legs struck in pants. People must avoid wearing very tight jeans because they putt girls off more instead of attracting them.

Wearing more jewelry

Men’s Jewelry has many types, and they often look great on them and seen as the active lifestyle of a person but stoned bracelets with a lot of metal, they just ruined the whole concept. Wear decent looking bracelets to enhance your looks.

Socks and Sandals Fashion Disaster



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