15 Absolutely Must Watch Movies Before You Turn 30

If anyone asks you about the most exciting days of your life, that would be from your 20s. You will witness different life goals of everyone, like few of them would be focusing on studying more, few of the 20s would looking for start a career and some will already be in love and eager to continue the relationship. People will see the drastic changes in their lives and a lot of crisis as well. Those crises will make you strong and ready to face future challenges. Must Watch Movies

We watch movies daily or weekly and they make a remarkable impact on our way of thinking and imagination things. Wueye.com has gathered a list of movies that you should watch in your 20s as they will help you clearing your mind on what you should do next and what your life goals are.

Tangerine 2015 ‧ Crime film/Drama

Must Watch Movies


The movie will teach you about losing close friends and also the way of finding the best friendships at the time when you feel horribly alone.


The Devil Wears Prada 2006 ‧ Drama film/Romance

Must Watch Movies

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The movie will make you laugh so hard with the best piece of office comedies. You will also learn about the expectations, ambitions, and discovery of a purpose in this world.


The Graduate 1967 ‧ Drama film/Drama

Must Watch Movies

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You will get the knowledge about the losing aim after finishing your graduate. If you are facing job issues, disillusioned and undecided between a love of a woman or her daughter, you should watch this movie with concentration.


Touki Bouki 1973 ‧ Drama/LGBT

Must Watch Movies


If you are wanderlust enough to take the risk and visit different places, then this movie should be in your watching list. In this movie, a couple in Senegal dare to dream of going to Paris, and also tried different ways to raise money for travel.


500 Days of summer 2009 ‧ Drama film/Romance

Must Watch Movies


This movie would show you the how difficult it is to get over from a failed relationship.


50/50 2011 ‧ Drama film/Comedy-drama

Must Watch Movies


We are humans and this is our nature that the more we have the more we are to thank for the blessings we have. The writer told his own story in this movie about cancer and also showed how close we all are from turning the life upside down at once and without any notice. So his objective is to make people appreciate everything they have.


The Big Chill 1983 ‧ Drama film/Comedy-Drama

Must Watch Movies

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Baby Boomers have experienced the best days of simplicity and now they are enjoying the technology as well. The Big Chill reflects the youth of them.


After Hours 1985 ‧ Crime film/Drama

Must Watch Movies

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Have you ever had the feeling of not able to go home? This is about a boy who went to enjoy the night life and to search for a girl who loves him back but during those hours; he was stuck in hitches that stop him from going home.


The Social Network 2010 ‧ Drama film/History

Must Watch Movies

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You will learn a lot about executing the idea of your mind and how Facebook was made.


The Wolf of Wall Street 2013 ‧ Drama film/Biography

Must Watch Movies

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Beyond the Lights 2014 ‧ Drama film/Romance

Must Watch Movies


Tucker: The Man and His Dream 1988 ‧ Drama film/Indie film

Must Watch Movies


The Royal Tenenbaums 2001 ‧ Drama/Comedy

Must Watch Movies


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2010 ‧ Fantasy/Drama film

Must Watch Movies


Legally Blonde 2001 ‧ Romance/Comedy

Must Watch Movies



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