Arshi Khan kand in Pune and Goa police case |

After coming back of Priyank in Bigg Boss11 House, he has totally changed the game by giving Sapna Chouhdry a weak point of Arshi Khan who was the main rivals and open lady for Sapna. Priyank told Sapns to just Say Pune and Goa in front of her, Sapna did as told by Priyank and Arashi was like “My parents will not accept me after this”. Our sources told us that Arshi had a Police case history in both Pune and Goa.

Arshi also told Sapna that you have also done some Kand back in Hiryana. Let’s see what come next in Bigg Boss house.

Sapna Khan in Pune and Goa

Arshi Khan kand in Pune and Goa police case

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