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The whole beauty of this World is nothing without Girls/Women. Our society has made very strict rules for a Girl to get acceptance in this troubled but beautiful world. We all know that some of the essential features are not in control of humans as one of them is HEIGHT. The Short height girls face many problems in their life right after the cross the age of 14, when the other Children with whom she is studying in school or play in the park grows more in height than a Short Height Girl. We all know that this is not her fault, but we as a society always pass weird comments on them. These things break the confidence level of them into million pieces. But as they grow and prove their skills in other fields, their level of trust starts to come back, and short girls don’t care anymore about what people say about them.

Girls should start to accept themselves as the way they are; some even began to enjoy it.wueye.com made a list of fourteen things that short girls never do.

Starting with:

Do yourself a favor, Never Wear Flat Shoes

I Told you I am Short
I Told you I am Short

Try not to wear anything flat, because wearing flat will make you look weirder.

The Mystery Unresolved: Whats in the Upper world?

Another World
There is an entire world up there that I don’t even know

This annoying feeling you always catch will b settled someday. I Promise

Most of the Ready Made Clothes will be useless for you

Clothes for Short height girls
Clothes for Short height girls

You always have to get your clothes change to get them fit on your body. You will look great

Don’t call me cute

Don't call me cute
I know, I am Cute

Everyone will appraise your cuteness, but that won’t please you anyway.

Guys won’t go for Long Term Relationships

Relationship Problems
Relationship Problems

So, you will feel insecure even if a tall guy is dating you. Please go for a Guy similar to your height. You both will love each other even more. Trust me.

Start Rejecting Tall Guys/Girls; You will feel good honestly

Rejecting Tall Guys/Girls
Evaporate Tall Person

Think, Do you care about what people say?

You are Really Tiny
You are Tiny

Stop Comparing Heights. Get over it

Stop being weird all the time
Cease to be weird all the time

Ahh Yes, Short Girls have to wear Heals even in not suitable surface or environment

Heals for Short Girls
Long heals for Short Girls

My Size is Cute

My size is cute
My size is cute

The way you treat yourself, Set standards for others.

Treat yourself
Set standards for others.

Asking for help, Enjoy not to go for those works that only Tall people can do.

Asking for help
Asking for help

Haha, Feel shy when you know even Children section Clothes and Shoes will fit you.

I feel Shy
I feel Shy

Every Tall friend is standing next to want to use your support by keeping their weight on you.

You are on my last Nerve
You are on my last Nerve



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