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Life in Atomic shelters in China

Life in Atomic Shelters of China

Anticipating the devastation of cold nuclear war fallout, the government took the decision to build up to 10000 bunkers type atomic shelters which are capable of surviving from Nuclear Bombs in different areas of China to save people from drastic destruction. Life in Atomic shelters in China. ┬áNow, after securing China, the people mostly includes…

architect frank gehry

19 Buildings where designers Applied the Laws of Physics Quite Creatively

You may have seen Thousands of amazing buildings all over the world, but today wueye.com comes up with a list of 19 most original buildings of all time where Designers have Applied the Laws of Physics Quite Creatively. Their structures are so creative and breathtaking, can’t imagine the amount of work and efforts of architects…

Plus Size Models

Nine Spectacular Plus Size Models who gets Accepted by the World the way they are

We at WUEYE.COM made a list of Nine Plus Size Models who broke the stereotype of skinny models glamour. The most important thing that matters is to have correct attitude for yourself. WUEYE encourage and appreciate the people the way they are. Please read the and share with your friends and break the Odd Myths…