How to pack my Baggage after Ban Cabin Electronic Devices by UK and USA

The world is horribly shaken by the news of new airline electronics bans, in the meantime, millions of people who are on the Ban Airports (Casablanca Airport, Amman Airport, Cairo Airport, Kuwait City Airport, Doha Airport, Riyadh Airport, Jeddah Airport, Dubai Airport, Abu Dhabi Airport) will be in shock and worried about how to bring your electronic devices back to your home. is providing you solutions for How to take your laptop back at your home safely. If you have not bought your return ticket yet from these carriers you can simply take an indirect flight ticket and go home from a ban free airport in a Ban Free Airline.

Choose your Travel Luggage Wisely

Ban Cabin Electronic Devices

The key idea behind this is to only take those things with you who are useful and productive. Check your things properly and think about everything if you will need this or not.


Select a Baggage according to your things you want to bring with you

Ban Cabin Electronic Devices

Now is the real game of trolley bag hunting? You should choose the bag size with care and keep this in mind that you will have to place a laptop bag in your baggage.


Hard Baggage is the best

Ban Cabin Electronic Devices

Don’t buy some silly baggage that is unable to hold the weight of other baggage on the airport. Select a hard outer surface suitcase to avoid damage of your things.


Choose a Laptop bag which is smart and tough

Ban Cabin Electronic Devices

Buy a Laptop bag or you might have a good one already, then pack your laptop in that and other electronic devices which are ban for Cabin Carrier.


Burry the Laptop Bag with Laptop in it under your clothes

Ban Cabin Electronic Devices

We will advise you to make the roll of your clothes and make one layer of your clothes at the bottom of the suitcase, then place your Laptop bag and put another layer of your clothes on the top of the laptop.

Lock the Bag properly to make sure your things are safe inside

Ban Cabin Electronic Devices



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