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How much you make success in your life depends on many factors and bulk of right decisions you have made at the right time. There is no late in initiating a new venture in your life, for instance, Sam Walton started Walmart when he was 44, there is another example Julia Child who had her first Cookbook published when she was 60. Productive Changes You Should Make In Your 30s.

The foundation of your success must be laid during your thirties, so you can see fulfilling your dream. has gathered today a list of things to follow during your thirties to spend a comfortable life ahead. We request you to read the following lifestyle tweaks that will make your way clear for big achievements.

Quit Smoking

Productive Changes

In case you are addicted to smoking, then please throw your cigarette away and stop to do smoke anymore. This is obvious that you can’t 100% recover that damages smoking has made to your body but there are huge chances that you won’t face dangerous consequences if you have left smoking before. Our bodies are designed in a way that it will recover itself from most of the damages of smoking.


Reschedule your Sleeping Routine and follow that strictly

Productive Changes

If you are waking up continuously for more than hours and thinking that you will coup up your sleep hours in the weekend, you are doing the wrong thing to your body. This is highly recommended that you must sleep at the same hour daily and wake up at the same time as well. Not following this advice will make you tired rest of the day.


Do Workout Exercises or Run daily

Productive Changes

This is highly recommended that you must move as much as you can. This doesn’t matter if it involves doing Swimming, Hiking, Running, Weightlifting, or walking.


You Should Keep a Journal

Productive Changes

Putting your life on a journal will make you feel good in your future. If you have a strong inner call about something you want to share with others but you also don’t want to share with others, writing that on paper will also help you reducing the stress.


Saving money is Crucial

Productive Changes

The best practice is to save first, then spend the remaining earnings. Developing this habit at the right time will help you follow that habit in the long run.


You must start chasing your life Goals

Productive Changes

You should be very clear about your goals and don’t delay chasing them. Start doing anything in your mind, do you want to have kids, start a business, or to do work in your favorite designation.


Train yourself to stay happy with what you have

Productive Changes

The secret of spending a happy life is to praise what you have and stay happy with that. There are 90% chances that you are in a relationship at this time and this rule is best for relationships. Most of the Psychologists say that expressing gratitude to each other during a marriage will result in more love and long term relationships.


End belief that you have to please everybody

Productive Changes

When you reach 30, this is very easy for you to understand that you don’t have to make everyone happy or to please everybody.


Don’t compare yourself with others

Productive Changes

Don’t get harsh on yourself if you are not able to do something in your life as compared to your other cousins and siblings. If you are getting impressed with the photos of your friends and family doing vacation, this is very unproductive.


Spend at least one hour with Books

Productive Changes

Stop Judging People

Productive Changes



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