REVEALED: Who is responsible for the Leaked Hussain Nawaz Photo? |

The Politics of Pakistan cannot live without controversies and scandals. Every politician in Pakistan is working to make his own Government by anyway rather than serving the nation and Pakistan. Everybody says that they want to serve Pakistan but only when they will be in Government and when they become the Government, they just do Corruption and wait for their next turn.

Same is the case with PML(N) past, everybody knows that they have made Billions out of Pakistan resources but as always there is no proof to prove the theory. We admit that in current Government of PMLN in the present age is not corrupt or we can say in a better way that they are the Least corrupt as compared to PPP, PMLQ, PTI, MQM, and ANP. But the current political situation has put PMLN again in Accountability situation.

Leaked Hussain Nawaz Photo

Supreme Court has made a JIT for the investigation but during this process, a Photo of Hussain Nawaz in the waiting room of Judicial Academy has leaked and this has created a new wave of controversies in the current political scenario of Pakistan.


So, who leaked the photo of Hussain Nawaz in real?


Probably Imran Khan and PTI?

Leaked Hussain Nawaz Photo

Everyone is blaming Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf because the first famous political personality who posted it on his Twitter account is from PTI and his name is Ali Imran Zaidi. Also, people think that PTI is backing up JIT and this picture was released to Defame Hussain Nawaz.

Mr. Nawaz Sharif and PML-N?

Leaked Hussain Nawaz Photo

The second thought goes towards NS due to his hold over the country and analysts say that this picture has made PML-N more strong on their fighting point rather than defaming them that could be the actual purpose behind this.

Joint Investigation Team?

Leaked Hussain Nawaz Photo

JIT is under this consideration because they have all the power needed to control the situation and they have the control over Judicial Academy.  They did this with their own agenda or maybe they are in playing someone else’s game.

Some Hackers just to please themselves:

Leaked Hussain Nawaz Photo

This could be the act of a team of hackers who get access to the cameras and extracted the photo from there. If American Elections are not foolproof then how can we expect the academies cameras are not in reach of Hackers.


In the end, whoever has done this will be revealed in tomorrow’s hearing of Supreme Court of Pakistan.



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