We all can see different types of people around on a daily basis. Many of them have friends, and they are very social, People with Few Friends but they are not very social, and few feels very awkward when making friends, and they end up being alone and afraid in their entire life. Everyday people face different challenges according to their personalities. If a person like to stay alone or he/she feels hesitation in socializing, then they consider those things tight which are typical for social people. We should encourage them to socialize and don’t make fun of them.

Today, Wueye.com has chosen few situation which only people with 2 or no friends will relate.

I only receive messages from my Network Provider Company

 messages from my Network Provider

I only have two friends, Me and Myself

 two friends, Me and Myself

The time when you try to shut your mouth because you sound too annoying

shut your mouth Short term friendship span
Short term friendship span

I did this because all my friends are busy

all my friends are busy

I am home like:

Even my shortest friends circle is busy and I am like:
shortest friends circle

Now this is Personal
Now this is Personal

Haha!! I am perfect fit for you

Emotionally Destroyed
Emotionally Destroyed

I need tons of courage to start a conversation
How to start a conversation

Don’t disturb my solidity

 Don’t disturb my solidity

Introductions are horrible thing for me
Introductions are horrible thing for me

When you try to be in everything
try to be in everything

At least I have someone to count on

People with Few Friends




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