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Top Fashion Trends for Summer 2017

Top Fashion Trends for Summer 2017

We can see that in every season the fashion designers design new and different clothes for the world to follow. They always add new features and details in our daily life; it includes everything from Sneakers with a smart dress, huge plaid kerchiefs, huge oversize coats and so on. As this is spring season going…


This is How life is with an Artist Girlfriend

Artists are not someone you see every day and very few get a chance to have his partner as an artist. This is a very clear thing that artist Girlfriend love to experiment new things and they don’t care much of social norms. In spite of caring, they are designed to break social norms which…

Plus Size Models

Nine Spectacular Plus Size Models who gets Accepted by the World the way they are

We at WUEYE.COM made a list of Nine Plus Size Models who broke the stereotype of skinny models glamour. The most important thing that matters is to have correct attitude for yourself. WUEYE encourage and appreciate the people the way they are. Please read the and share with your friends and break the Odd Myths…