Top Travel destinations ruined by Travel Bloggers and Tourists

Social Media is a place we live in these days. We post everything on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube that has caused major changes in our lifestyles. We always get goose bumps when we see a beautiful landscape at Top Travel destinations that our friend has shared on Instagram or on Facebook. These virtual tourism has made people more attractive to beautiful places. People see new places every day and urge to go there to get an amazing experience out of their real life.

This trend has made famous tourist attractions more rush and over used. On one side these things have boosted the local economies and introduced new places to tourists that they can never discover in other case but on the other side, the tourist places are ruining due to over use. WUEYE.COM has gathered a list of famous tourist attractions ruined by tourists.

1 # Iceland

Top Travel destinations

The main factor behind millions of visitors in Iceland is Game of Thrones effect. As we all know that Game of Thrones was shoot here, so every viewer of traveler wants to have that effect in their pictures. This has surely given the economy a much-needed push but local residents complain that tourists leave much mess behind and they miss the beautiful days where there was no rush on the streets. The living cost has also increased in the country.

2 # Cuba

Top Travel destinations

Cuba is a very beautiful country and attracted millions of tourists every year. But this tourism boom has made the life of residents difficult as they face a huge shortage of supplies and increase in daily use products prices. Hotels buy products in bulk that cause the shortage in the market and due to that Prices got increased. Cuban Government has started to take steps to put caps on the prices but this act has increased black market activities.

3 # New Zealand

Top Travel destinations

Similar to the case of Iceland, people come here to see untouched landscapes and few movies including “The Lord of the Rings” and The Hobbit” was made there. This country Tourism Marketing Campaign “100% Pure New Zealand” really worked.

4 # Tulum, Mexico

Top Travel destinations

Tulum, Mexico has become the most attracted place for Travel Bloggers and Instagrammers tourists. The white beaches and close to nature effect gives the visitors amazing memories and place to party and enjoy all day and night. But the city is facing very difficulties in managing guests or tourists as many hotels are dumping the wastes in close by rivers and sea.

5 # Machu Pichu, Peru

Top Travel destinations

The per day visit limit of this beautiful place is 2500 per day but in alone 2015 this place has seen over 1.3 million visitors. Ancient ruins due to overcrowding.

6 # Santorini, Greece

Top Travel destinations

The white colored houses facing sea has become the best and ideal background for Instagrammers and Travel Bloggers like WUEYE.




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