Travel Gadgets to keep with you while Travelling alone for Safe International Travel |

Travel is one of the life’s utmost pleasures, and there’s nothing worse than having your grand adventure spoiled by losing your possessions, getting lost, or discovering the vacation rental you booked treats security like an afterthought. Before you leave your origin, make sure you’re prepared for anything with these 6 basic travel gadgets that guarantee a safer, saner journey.

Hard shell carry-on suitcase

Travel Gadgets to keep with you

Full-service carriers allow up to 10 kg of carry-on baggage. Hard Shell Suit Cases helps in squeezing more stuff if you are traveling with bottlenecks. This can help you to keep more of your valuable and necessary stuff and the good news is you can take them onboard as well. They also have expandable zippers if you ever feel like overstuffed. These bags with their spinning tiny wheels at the bottom help you to just drag them with yourself with carrying them on a trolley.


Back Pack

Travel Gadgets to keep with you

No matter what is your travel purpose, you should keep a backpack with you. Backpacks can carry all immediate essentials and gadgets e.g. Wallets, Travel Documents, Laptops, Chargers, Digital Cameras etc.


Power Bank

Travel Gadgets to keep with you

Airline schedules are extremely vulnerable. The flight delays are very common at the airports but you cannot afford to lose your communication with your friends, family or business associates. Every time traveling alone keep a fully charged power bank with you to keep your mobile phone alive in an unexpected event.


Relaxing Kits or Sleep buckets

Travel Gadgets to keep with you

Since airplanes are pressurized and the environment inside an airplane is not always very pleasant to have a good night sleep.  Relaxing kits includes ear plugs, eye shades, and warm pair of socks. Some of the European airlines do offer such kits onboard but it is essential to keep one with you.

Travel Apps

Travel Gadgets to keep with you

Travel apps are easily available on all smartphone app stores such as Flight Radar 24, Flight Aware, and Trip Advisor. These apps help you to keep a track of your flight timings, gate information, operating aircraft etc. it is accommodating to check your flight status before leaving for the airport. If you are traveling to a whole new destination; of which you are not aware, you must accompany yourself with GPS, Maps, Ride hiring apps like Uber and Careem which will help you not get lost.


Customized Medical Kit

Travel Gadgets to keep with you
While traveling alone keeping a medical kit with you is helpful. Essentials are Aspirin, Pain Killers, Pain relieving balm, Eye drops, Bandages etc. Most of the flight crew is equipped with these basic first aid medical kits but somehow it is more convenient to have one with yourself.



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